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Dimestore Studio Productions is dedicated to helping sustain and renew our marine resources.

Once a year, DSP volunteers its equipment and services to help an actionable marine charity showcase its work through video. We help produce media that raises exposure and money for important causes worldwide.

If you know of a NPO/ NGO that could use increased media exposure, please apply for our yearly grant by clicking here.


“You can make just about anything out of parts you buy at a dime-store. It just takes creativity, ingenuity, and tenacity.”

– Seth Greenspan

Dimestore Studio Productions is the brainchild of 20-year media veteran Seth Greenspan. With a fundamental "one man band" approach, DSP is able to deliver the highest quality High-Definition production possible, on land or below water, with bottom-line savings.

Whether a commercial spot, a corporate presentation, video wall display, web advertisement, infomercial or documentary, Dimestore Studio is happy to bring its unique creative to bear.

Currently, DSP is developing a feature-length documentary, "Putting the Pieces Together," on the worldwide disappearance of hard corals, and what it means for the oceans and mankind.


For Seth Greenspan's photo galleries, click here

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