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Deep Sea Divers Den -- web campaign


Dimestore Studio Productions was commissioned to create a multi-level, premium web video campaign for one of Australia’s oldest and most respected dive operations on the Great Barrier Reef, Deep Sea Diver’s Den (DSDD).


Challenge: create a comprehensive campaign for a tourist destination that draws customers from every continent, while showcasing the diversity of services offered by their exemplary staff and three oceangoing ships.


At the time, DSDD operated three boats and offered three primary “trips” - daytrips to the local section of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), overnight accommodations on a second ship on the local reef, and a liveaboard ship that made regularly scheduled excursions up the GBR. In addition, DDSD is a full-service instructional facility with an associated retail shop.


Solutions: To overcome language barriers, the primary promo was developed as language-neutral, relying on stunning underwater visuals and custom-commissioned graphics to communicate all of DSDD’s offerings - from a variety of diving trips, to five-star instruction, to their top-flight service. The graphics use short English notes to provide some additional context; versions using Japanese, German and Chinese words were also considered and planned. Even with the contextual notes, its the imagery and editorial style that delivers the singular message: you want to dive with DSDD on the GBR.


Result: Shortly after the initial promo and testimonials were delivered, DSDD leased out one of its boats for an extended period. This altered DSDD’s operational structure, effectively cancelling a third of their outbound trips, and drastically changing the options for customers and ending trips to some key diving destinations. This reorganization effectively rendered the finished campaign unusable; multiple attempts were made to conform the promo and testimonials to the new structure, but it was determined that additional shoots were necessary to retask the material. The campaign was ultimately cancelled, and alternate language versions of the videos were abandoned.


Is it worth a 14-hour airplane ride to dive the Great Barrier Reef with Deep Sea Divers Den? This happy customer thinks so!


A first time SCUBA diver talks about an amazing experience getting their diving certification at Deep Sea Divers Den. 

Do locals like Deep Sea Divers Den? This Aussie keeps coming back, and is happy to share why. 

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