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Portraits Of Hope

Aurora and Telly Winner, 2002

"Portraits of Hope" became the centerpiece video for the 2001 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign. It was seen in luxury retail window and POS displays across the country, and played prominently at international events. It was awarded several media industry awards in 2002 for Producing and Directing .


We capture your message and create rich harmonies to share your vision with the world. Whether public relations, business to business, POS, promotional or convention support, DSP can bring the right tone, in addition to high production values,  to your video . 

other samples




Corporate and Web

VINMARK was a anti-theft VIN identification system developed for marking auto parts. Developed for POS and web; product never released.

An introductory video for a presentation by artist Asher Jay, featuring DSP underwater video and Jay's own illustrations.

Internal video produced for CNN, announcing a new website for studio technicians.

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