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Dimestore Studio is an environmental advocate, producing documentaries on marine causes such as habitat and ecosystem degredation, marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, and climate change. We take an active role in showing the destruction of our environment, and communicating the need for humanity to become active stewards of our planet's natural bounty. Documentaries include "Putting the Pieces Together," a feature-length exploration of the relationship between climate change and hard coral reefs, currently in post-production.


Whether fifteen, thirty, or sixty seconds - the story of your product or service is critical to the success of your company. High-impact creative storytelling, innovative production capabilities, and the singular goal of delivering media that exceeds client expectations at every turn, is the gas that drives our engine. End-to-end workflow in HD or 4k guarantees stunning visuals and graphics. Want to make your products or services stand out and above the competition for potential clients? Dimestore Studio creative does that. 

Dimestore Studio Demos

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Underwater production is a demanding task; its a hostile environment that requires several levels of safety to insure the production goes flawlessly. But the visual impact of that alien world under the ocean is almost unparallelled. With more than 14 years experience in underwater production, Dimestore Studio can bring those otherworldly visuals to bear for your production needs - whether commercial, documentary, or just for fun. 


Whether business-to-business, launches, product information and sales, public relations, window displays, convention and meeting support, or corporate image media, video has evolved and matured to become a necessity in modern business. The demand for corporate-tasked broadcast-quality production has grown as businesses and customers have become increasingly media savvy. Dimestore Studio has produced "corporate media" for luxury brands, art installations, fashion window displays, automotive product launches, and web distribution. Our innovative internet campaigns are an extension of both advertising and corporate communication, creating high-quality media to promote businesses on the web. 

Web Campaigns

Dimestore Studio Productions offers a series of unique web advertising packages, bringing broadcast-quality HD video and a staff of television veterans to produce dynamic sales material for your company. Offering several tiers of service and deliverables, even the entry-level package will raise your brand's online reach and expand its presence in search engines and video hosting sites - all while reaching out to potential customers and inviting them in with a powerful combination of traditional promotions and customer testimonials. We can leverage the multi-faceted advantages of online video advertising for your company, with exceptional results. 

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