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Crescent Physical Therapy -- web campaign


Crescent Physical Therapy is a rehabilitative medicine facility in Astoria, Queens, New York City, that commissioned Dimestore Studio Productions for a web-based video marketing campaign.


Challenge: develop a strong brand identity in a diverse, multi-ethnic community with a very tight and competitive market (more than a dozen practitioners within a half-mile, including regional franchises/chains). With up to eight treatment beds in play with full support staff, CPT is geared towards effective high-volume output.


This large footprint allows the practice a degree of flexibility to provide attentive care within a factory-like workflow, a fact that often gets overlooked with a facility of this size and flow.


Solutions: A nuanced Premium Campaign was developed to highlight the value-added features of the practice, rather than just enforcing the core competencies. Featuring one promotion (3:30), seven testimonials (up to 2:30), and a smattering of “web-bits” (about 0:45 each), primary attention was paid to best practices that engaged the local patient. With a diverse community that includes a number of religions and orthodoxies, matters such as private treatment rooms, female therapists and multilingual staff resonated strongly with patients.


Treatement modalities and patient satsisfaction were not given short shrift. Testimonials were chosen based on gradient factors weighing strongest with success of treatment and enthusiasm for the practice, followed by use and exploitation of value-added services, treatment modalities, uniqueness, and on-camera ease. The resulting videos each contain a success story that credits the Crescent Physical Therapy brand, encapsulating a series of best-practices, treatment modalities and value-added services within the narrative for a seamless sales statement.


“Web-bits” were used as the video equivalent of a FAQ, but used best for answers that could benefit from visual aids. Six were created to answer questions about technologies (like ultrasound, laser, stimulation) and how they work in the context of treatment.


Result: Multiple deliverables were ordered in addition to web delivery, including DVD authoring for B2B and B2C tasking, re-editing to conform for cable TV advertising, and custom digital loops with subtitles for window displays.


Diversified online presence with a multitude of YouTube videos, both individually and aggregated on websites, has resulted in searches populated with an increasing number of CPT pages - whether company website pages, individual YouTube pages, or webpages specifically for showing collections of videos.


After six months, customers will be randomly sampled to learn in detail how the web video campaign affected their decision-making.


Carmen feared her life would change after sustaining serious multiple injuries from a motor vehicle accident. But thanks to Crescent Physical therapy, her life has returned to normal.


Maria was diagnosed with herniated disks. Thanks to Crescent Physical Therapy, she avoided surgery and has found relief from pain. She is so grateful that she carries their business card with her in case someone she meets suffers from back pain.

Angel was a railroad worker when an injury nearly sidelined his career until physical therapy helped him recover. Eight years later, when he needed physical therapy for another injury, he turned to the same man who helped make him whole once before: Crescent Physical Therapy

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