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Crescent Physical Therapy (CPT) web campaign

Crescent Physical Therapy, a high-volume medical rehabilitation facililty, is located in a very competative market in Astoria, Queens, New York City. With more than a dozen competitors in a 1-mile radius, CPT needed a marketing plan that could distinguish and elevate their brand. Dimestore Studio developed a Premium Web Campaign that showcases their unique qualifiers (privacy, multi-ligual/cultural, value, and quality of care) through a traditional upbeat promotion and seven testimonials. Deliverables also included window display loops with subtitles and DVDs.


The web promotion for Crescent Physical Therapy, featuring owner Khurram Khan. 

Muhammad, a cab driver, has come to CPT a number of times through the years, and is a very satisfied patient

Marilyn never thought physical therapy would work - until CPT made a believer out of her. 

Carmen was in a terrible bus accident and suffered back injuries. CPT helped relieve her pain after surgery

Maria thought she was headed to the surgeons after herniating a spinal disc - but CPT helped her avoid the knife

Snova's religious and cultural beliefs meant privacy and female therapists were a must - and CPT delivers

Angel is a two-time patient, who saw impressive results after both injuries. 

Steven is so impressed with the results at CPT, he can't stop recommending the practice

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