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 Standard Web Package

Our Standard package offers an excellent entry-level option with professional web video that blows the competition away. Produced end-to-end by broadcast television veterans, the standard package delivers one promo and two testimonials via YouTube or Vimeo for embedding on your website, linking through marketing emails, and as a presence on search engines. Additional options are available á la carté. This package delivers up to 10 minutes of powerful web advertising media that brings the power of video promotion to ytour business. 

Included Services
  • Preproduction, scouting - up to 14 days prior to shoot

  • one full production day with a 3-person crew

  • basic lighting package

  • two HD camera systems, wireless audio recording

  • video editing 

  • Custom logo animation/enhancement 

  • Custom graphic elements and animation

  • extensive music library

á la Carté Services for packages discounted
  • Custom DVD authoring

  • Additional DSLR HD cameras

  • GoPro camera

  • Quadcopter

  • Jib camera 

  • 4k production 

  • Underwater video services .

  • Additional Versions of Promotion or Testimonial 

  • Other deliverable (such as loops for trade shows)

  • Complete media marketing and promotional consulting

  • Taxes

  • Transportation 

  • Additional lighting rental as required (basic lighting package included)

  • Additional crew 

  • Additional production days

  • Specialized cameras 

  • Location fees or other similar expenses

  • PLEASE NOTE: all these line-items (ither than taxes) will be explained in full, and always require the client's approval before it's added. We will never surprise you with a mystery charge. 

Not Included in quote: 

 Premium Web Package

Our Premium package offers a complete, polished and professional set of up to eight testimonials along with your promotional video, giving exceptional return for your advertising dollar. Produced end-to-end by veterans of broadcast television, this powerful advertising package gives up to 20 minutes of web deliverable content, whether via YouTube or Vimeo for embedding on your website, linking through marketing emails, or to grow your brand's presence on search engines like Google. Additional options are available á la carté. With up to 20 minutes of original video content for your brand, with broadcast-quality media produced by broadcast veterans, you will turn more web browsers into buyers.

Included Services

​Same as the Standard Package but with:


  • up to two full production days with a 3-person crew

  • up to eight testimonials, for a total 20 minutes of original web content to engage potential clients

  • up to three HD camera systems included

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