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Dimestore Studio Production's Web Promotional Packages are a valuable resource, increasing brand exposure and customer outreach via your websites and YouTube. Our packages combine a traditional, broadcast-quality promotion (up to three minutes in length) with a number of customer testimonials. All packages feature full HDTV end-to-end workflow, custom graphics and effects, animated logo treatments, and a variety of royalty-free music.

The longer you keep a potential customer engaged on your website, the greater a chance they will become a client. Web-based videos are a great way to raise audience retention and increase your brand's recognition. Although a promo that sells the details of your business is key, testimonials are a powerful tool to leverage the power of the web for your business.


Why are testimonials such an effective marketing tool? Nothing is as powerful, or as personal, as your own customers engaging potential clients by singing your praises. In just a few minutes, they can tell their story - why they decided on your company, how you delivered the goods, and what made them extremely satisfied customers. It's personable and accessible, adding a layer of trust to advertising. They often have a shelf life of years, unless products or services are discontinued. Combined with search engines and your own website presence, the combinations provides some of the most targeted marketing you can buy.
Deep Sea Divers Den, Cairns, Australia

Produced in 2013, this package sold the wonders of diving on the Great Barrier Reef to a global audience.  This Premium package featured a promotion with custom animated graphics and eight testimonials. 

Crescent Physical Therapy, Astoria, New York City 


Produced in 2014, this package sold the multiple benefits of their approach to physical therapy. This premium package features a traditional promotion along with seven glowing customer testimonials. 

Web Promotion Packages featuring Testimonials

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Package Details

Standard Packages begin with one promotion and two testimonials. Click for full details. 

Premium Packages begin with one promotion and up to eight testimonials. Click for full details.

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